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Even if you do not have a business, website or cause to advertise, you can promote My Prospecting Magnet® as an affililate! My Prospecting Magnet® offers a lucrative referral program with generous commissions! Here are just a few of the features…

Affiliate Program Benefits…

Best Technology

My Prospecting Magnet® was built with the latest innovations in advertisement technology. It offers a powerful advertisement experience that cannot be matched by anything else, anywhere else.

Partnership Opportunities

We consider our affiliate program as a partnership opportunity. We are all invested in the same goal…to help business owners make money and make money promoting My Prospecting Magnet®!

Limited Opportunity

My Prospecting Magnet® is currently offering this lucrative one-tier affiliate program to a limited number of affiliates who understand the power of this innovative technology and want to market! 

Higher Payouts

My Prospecting Magnet® offers competitive affiliate commissions! Since we highly value our affiliate partners, you earn a generous 35% commission for each subscription referral!

One Team

We are One Team! At My Prospecting Magnet® we highly value our affiliates, so we make sure you are well-compensated and happy working with us! We treat our affiliates like our best clients!

Continuous Weekly Income

Our affiliate program provides you with weekly residual continuous income, which means you get paid over and over again as long as your referral maintains an active paid subscription!

Earn Your Way to a Free Account.

Want a free account? Here is how to earn your way to a FREE account:

# Refer three (3) Starter Accounts, get a Starter Account for FREE.
# Refer three (3) Professional Accounts, get a Professional Account for FREE. 
# Refer three (3) Enterprise Accounts, get an Enterprise Account for FREE.

Every month that you meet one of the three criteria, your account is FREE!

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