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More Leads, More Sales & More Profits?

Attract Hundreds of Leads Per Day with My Prospecting Magnet® Proximity Marketing Technology

NEW Marketing Technology Now Available to ALL Business Owners

Proximity Marketing has been used since 2014 by stadiums, universities and large companies. Now small business owners finally have access to this same powerful technology! This technology is designed to send your marketing message as a notification to nearby prospects’ Android smartphones to increase your LEADS, your SALES and your PROFITS!

Discover the Power of Proximity Marketing

Discover My Prospecting Magnet®

My Prospecting Magnet® Advertising Options

Turn Your Android Phone Into a Device or Purchase My Prospecting Magnet® Devices or Use Your Own Devices

Our Mobile App Allows You to Turn Your Android Phone into a Transmitter or You can Purchase My Prospecting Magnet® Devices or Use Your Own  Devices to Multiply Your Leads, Your Sales & Your Profits

Use Multiple Devices in Multiple Areas to Advertise Multiple Businesses and Multiply Your Leads, Your Sales and Your Profits!

Transmit from Phone to Phone

Download Our Mobile App to Instantly Start Blasting Your Ad to Every Android Smartphone within 100 Yards 24/7

Transmit from Device to Phone

My Prospecting Magnet® Devices Allow You to Automatically Blast Your Ad to Android Smartphones within 100 Yards 24/7

Multiple Device Options

My Prospecting Magnet® Provides Multiple Device Options Including a Wristband, Wall Mount and Key FOB

Every Business Owner Needs My Prospecting Magnet® to Attract More Leads, More Sales & More Profits!

Who Needs My Prospecting Magnet?

Every Business Needs More Leads, More Sales & More Profits So Every Business Needs My Prospecting Magnet®

Sales Reps & Sales Teams Advertising & Marketing Agencies Affiliate Marketers & Internet Marketers

Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops Food Trucks & Food Vendors Travel Agencies & Tour Operators

Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals Contractors & Service Providers Automotive Sales & Service Providers

Artists, Entertainers & Celebrities Theme Parks & Event Locations Professional Athletes & Sports Teams

Shopping Malls & Shopping Centers Retail Boutiques & Consignment Shops Hair/Nail Salons, Spas & Fitness Centers

Causes & Charitable Organizations Fundraising Events & Campaigns Plus Hundreds More…

With My Prospecting Magnet®… The Prospects & Possibilities are Endless…


Put My Prospecting Magnet to Work for You Anywhere & Everywhere 24/7

Become a Walking Billboard Everywhere You Go… 

Place Your Device in Busy Locations to Reach Hundreds, or Even Thousands, of Prospects! Send a Device with Anyone Attending a Large Event to Blast Your Ad to the Crowd! The Possibilities & the Prospects are Endless…

Restaurants/Bars/Coffee Shops

Take your device to busy restaurants, bars or coffee shops! You can also ask local business owners to put the device in their busy location and offer to point one of your devices to their business as incentive!

Theme Parks/Festivals/Concerts

Theme parks and events also attract thousands of prospects, making them hot proximity marketing venues! If you, or  someone you know, will be attending an event, just take the device along!

Stadiums/Convention Centers

Large events like games, concerts and conventions have thousands of prospects! Universities are also densely-populated areas 24/7! Offer incentives to anyone attending large events and living on campus!


Airports provide international exposure to thousands of people! Mass transit systems are also high traffic areas! Offer incentives to cab or Uber drivers to take your device with them wherever they go!

Shopping Malls/Shopping Centers

Take your device to the busiest shopping malls and shopping centers! Ask store owners to put the device in their busy location and offer to point one of your devices to their business as an incentive!

Spas/Salons/Fitness Centers

Spas, salons and fitness centers are full of great prospects who spend money to look and feel better! Visit the locations or offer incentives to business owners to put the device in their location!

Medical Offices/Dental Offices

Medical and Dental Offices are often located in busy shopping centers or office buildings where they can reach many prospective new patients! Offer incentives to encourage new patients to stop by for a visit or a service!

Service & Maintenance Contractors

Service or maintenance contractors working in an area can reach nearby potential customers with their advertising message! They can offer limited-time incentives and specials to encourage additional business while working in the area!

Expos/Trade Shows/Networking Events

Attract more prospects to your booth by broadcasting your message to attendees! Offer incentives and specials to encourage them to stop by to connect and learn more about your business!

Real Estate Sales/Mortgage/Contractors

Real estate professionals, building contractors and mortgage professionals with offices in busy locations can promote their services. Realtors can promote open houses, model homes and nearby listings as well as inquire about potential sellers!

Auto Services/Gas Stations/Car Washes

Auto service locations and car washes are busy locations where people have to wait and are usually looking at their phones. Gas stations are also busy high-traffic locations where you can reach many prospects!

Dating/Special Interest Groups & Clubs

People new to an area or just needing more personal or professional connections, can broadcast their message to locate people nearby who share their interests, hobbies or business niche, and who may be interested in connecting for business or for fun! 

Start Attracting Prospects & Customers Now  With My Prospecting Magnet®!

My Prospecting Magnet® Options

We Provide Options & Solutions to Empower Every Entrepreneur

Check Out the Options Below & Select the Options that are Best for You!

Start Advertising Now to Make Money or Start Making Money Now Advertising My Prospecting Magnet®


Start Attracting Prospects & Customers Now as an Advertiser with My Prospecting Magnet®



Start Making Money as an Affiliate by Referring Others to My Prospecting Magnet® Service



Start Your Own Lucrative Turnkey Marketing Business as a Reseller of My Prospecting Magnet®



Start Your Own Business with My Prospecting Magnet® Advertising for Others!


Already Have Your Own Device? Or Just Not Getting the Results You Desire?

My Prospecting Magnet is Your Resource for Advertising & Marketing Expertise Too

My Prospecting Magnet® has a team of experienced advertising/marketing experts to help you get the best results from your Proximity Marketing! Proximity Marketing Devices are only one part of the success formula. The advertising message you send has to be just as powerful to get results. That is why My Prospecting Magnet® offers additional services, training and resources to ensure that you attract more leads, more sales and more profits!

My Prospecting Magnet® Customers Get More Leads, More Sales & More Profits

My Prospecting Magnet® Customers

Here are Just a Few of Our Customers Sharing Their Success Stories Using My Prospecting Magnet® to Advertise Their Business

My Prospecting Magnet is generating hundreds of leads for my businesses! As a branding and marketing consultant with multiple business ventures of my own, I am excited about all the possibilities for using this technology with my sales team and my clients! The possibilities are endless!

Michelle S.
Dream Biz success network

As an entrepreneur in the direct sales industry, one of the main challenges I face is getting quality leads for my business to generate sales and recruit sales reps into my business. My Prospecting Magnet is the fastest, easiest, least expensive way to generate leads that I have ever found!

Jeanette L.
JEANETTE on the net

As a home business owner, my main business expense is advertising. So this technology is the perfect tool to help small business owners generate more leads, more sales and more profits without spending a fortune! That is why I use it and share it with other business owners!

Suzi J.
YOUR ceo life

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